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About The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation

Dougall Faser
“Licia Morelli may just be the Mary Poppins of meditation! The Lemonade Hurricane is an insightful, funny and grounding story that will guide children to finding their center and peace of mind.”

– Dougall Fraser Psychic, Author, Host

“Lemonade Hurricane is so sweet and well done. Perfect for parents who want to give their kids a lifelong habit of strength, peace and compassion.”

– Marie Forleo, founder of MarieTV and

Marie Forleo
Colette Baron-Reid
“Licia Morelli has crafted a joyous offering introducing playful mindfulness meditation strategies for active kids. All parents should read this book to their children and show them how to do it!”

– Colette Baron-Reid #1 bestselling author of “The Map” and internationally acclaimed intuitive counselor

“The Lemonade Hurricane makes a great gift for the little ones in your life. A fun, easy to learn introduction to mindfulness meditation that kids will want to read again and again.”

– Gina Gomez,

Gina Gomez
Lori Deschene
“Fun and educational, The Lemonade Hurricane is the perfect introduction to mindfulness. The world would be a happier, more peaceful place if we all learned to be still, look, listen, and feel as kids.”

– Lori Deschene, Founder,

“A lovely and inspiring guide to the magical realm of inner stillness. In a world with many distractions, this sweet story provides a much needed model to guide children to wholeness. The illustrations are extraordinary!”

– Alan Cohen, Bestselling Hayhouse Author of A Daily Dose of Sanity

Alan Cohen

“Wouldn’t it be great if there were a picture book out there that showed little ones how to put on the brakes, take a few deep breaths, and learn how to get centered? Well, good news! The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation delivers just that, through clear and child-friendly instructional text and irresistible illustrations. It’s a must-read introduction to the importance of both being, and being still.”

– Barnes and Noble

“The Lemonade Hurricane, a book subtly teaching mindfulness and meditation for kids.”

– Boston Magazine

“A child-friendly introduction to the practice of meditation and the benefits of mindfulness.”

– Kirkus Reviews

“A useful reminder of the patience involved in being a good sibling.”

– Publisher’s Weekly